Choosing Your Pillow

Health Concepts Design, Inc.

A cervical sleeping pillow is very personal and everyone has their own preferences.  THE PILLOW was designed with comfort and cervical support in mind. The following are a few criteria to help you make the right choice:

  1. Do you generally prefer a soft neck pillow?  “The Pillow Firm" may be the right choice for you.
  2. Do you prefer a firmer neck pillow?  “The Pillow Extra Firm” should be the right choice for you.
  3. We recommend sleeping on your side and if you are broad shouldered the “The Pillow Extra Firm” would promote a more horizontal spine position.
  4. The Pillow’s two external compartments are of different diameters and provide you with more options. For example, even if you are broad shouldered but prefer a softer pillow you could choose “The Pillow Firm” and sleep on bigger diameter side of the pillow.  Alternately, if you are narrow shouldered but prefer a firmer pillow you could choose “The Pillow Extra Firm” and sleep on the smaller diameter compartment.
  5. “The Pillow Regular” is recommended for children and petite women.
  6. Using general weight could also help you choose our cervical pillow:
    1. 100 pounds or less - “The Pillow Regular”.
    2. 100 - 160 pounds - “The Pillow Firm”.
    3. 160 pounds or more - “The Pillow Extra Firm”.

If you are still unsure about choosing your pillow please feel free to contact us with any questions using our Contact Form.